Benefit of Social Media for Start-Ups

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Benefit of Social Media for Start-Ups

With ease of doing business, individuals are motivated to plan business ventures which are commonly termed as Start-Ups. Most start-Ups are online in nature, known as e-commerce ventures. These start-Ups or E-commerce venture come to web for website creation. But with changing times, it is important to find presence on social media platforms too since these social media platforms help promote business by reaching out to masses for ideas and information communication, further finding the business generating audience as their clients.

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Social media platform is a web based technology that enables account holder to create business pages or channels. These business pages or channels are created to interact with audience by engaging them. A channel or business page may engage its audience by medium of posts in form of text or Infographics and promote itself by means of likes, shares, comments, subscriptions etc. Further we explain these social media platforms.


Facebook is a business to customer or end user oriented social networking platform that helps business gain greater visibility on search engine of facebook as well as of other search engines like Google, Bing, yahoo, msn etc.

Facebook has user base of more than 1.86 billion active users. Exposure to such huge active user base helps you reach out to a larger segment audience in one go. Of this larger segment, your target audience will show some interest and engagement in forms of likes, comments and share thus increasing traffic on your post.

Search engines have in-built algorithms that recognize this traffic and improve your page ranking. One way to improve page traffic and gaining better page ranking/recognition by search engines is approaching digital marketing agencies in Delhi that will prepare SEO friendly content as search engine optimized content is better tracked and accepted by search engine algorithms.

Better ranking on search engines will help you generate leads for your business. When these leads are converted to delighted customers, you automatically gain ROI. Achieving return on investments is goal of any business.

What better way to gain ROI from social media than Facebook as it helps you to reach out to a huge audience?

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Instagram is a mobile photo-sharing application that allows you to share images on private or public platform. Instagram is now a subsidy of Facebook incorporate hence provides similar engagement performance and analytics yet it differs from Facebook in its functioning. While Facebook allows you to upload images, videos, create contest, post text; Instagram only limits you to share images and videos limiting from 3 seconds to 30 seconds.

While facebook has people from all age groups; Instagram attracts youth from age bracket of 18 years to 30 years mostly. Businesses with orientation to target youth audience or audience that relates to multi-media content are advised to be more active on this social platform.

Use of Infographics is highly beneficial as it conveys your depiction with information. Digital marketing agencies have a dedicated creative team to work on Infographics curation and multi-media consultancy services.


Twitter is a live social media platform with microblogging as its key feature. Microblogging refers to content that is in form of catchy one liners, short stories, punch lines or a thought in one sentence. Understanding thought behind this nuisance of microblogging helps you gain great advertisement and social media coverage.

Twitter has character limit of 140 characters hence microblogging is one key feature. Posts have to be written frequently and due to character limit it does not take one much time to process thoughts into words hence is a live social media platform.

Digital marketing agencies in Delhi undertake quality content delivery projects to boost presence on such social media platforms.

LinkedIn is a social media network for professionals. It connects talent acquisition teams to individuals looking for career opportunities by large. In this effort, all major business houses directly promote themselves too. LinkedIn is also seen from business to business lead generation perspective too. With inbuilt direct message feature, organizations can privately make business proposals too.

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