6 Easy Blogging Tips for beginners

6 Easy Blogging Tips for beginners

Blogging is an effective technique for a business to interact with customers and is also a place to instill your advice, expertise, and experiences that relate to your business. Regardless if you are a small business, or a multinational company, blogging is integral to your online content marketing strategy. Blogs will help you drive traffic to your website as a blog adds another indexed page on the website, which will appear in search engines and organically drive traffic to your website. Posting about a new promotion, a new product, or your expert advice on a related topic; blogs will help gain the attention of your potential customers.

Not only that, when you share your blog on social media helps to get your business to be discovered by your already built customer base. Also, a blog post enhances your social media presence. In addition to that Quality content on your blog means better SEO. Fresh content on your blog with organic keywords is an easy way to get google and other search engines to locate you on the internet. Good blogging takes time and a lot of hard work, but with these easy tips, you can jumpstart blogging for your company.

  1. Understand your audience 

The first and the foremost step in blogging is to understand your target audience, what would they like to read, what grabs their attention and what will keep them engaged. Understanding means you will come up with the content that resonates with the thoughts of your audience. One efficient way is to ask your audience a simple question on which they can put forward their thoughts through social media. For ex. If you own a online clothing store, a simple question on twitter/facebook could be “ What outfit would you pick for the first day of your work?” Based on the responses, your blog could be “Trend Alert: 10 rocking outfits to choose for work”

  1. Create an awesome headline to grab attention

A headline is what captures the attention of your audience. This is where they decide whether to keep reading or skip. Once you understand your audience and decide on the topic, you need to make a catchy headline with organic key words related to your business. Statistics show that a good heading has approximately 6-10 words. A headline with numbers or figures is likely to attract 30% more audience compared to the headlines without them.

  1. Create unique and interesting content

I cannot emphasize on how important it is to keep your blog fresh with newly updated content. This is what the readers came for, this is where you can hook them and tell them how you are unique, and this is where you can optimize the use of keywords and get the SEO ranks soar high. Keep in mind to not overuse them. And oh, it’s also very important that you write genuine content which is actually informative and helpful for your reader. That is what will give you more clicks and shares. Don’t forget the importance of good quality images which complement your posts, and put them videos in wherever needed. Videos bring a lot of traction, and the readers like them too. Two birds, one stone really.

  1. Use Simple and Easy to read fonts

This is as easy as that. Using cool fonts and fonts that match your blog theme is recommended as long as the fonts aren’t too funky. Fonts like sans serif and Arial look professional, readable and a popular choice among most of the bloggers. You can also download a lot of fonts online for free on websites like www.dafont.com, or www.1001freefonts.com

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  1. Be interactive on blog posts

This is a great way to interact with your audience, know their views and opinions. Answering genuine comments, solving queries or a mere thank you improves the responsiveness of the blog. Ask questions in the blog, encourage your readers to indulge in the topic and invite them to share their views. For ex. If you are writing a blog on ‘healthy eating’ invite your readers to share the name of their favorite healthy snacks in the comments section.

  1. Put Social Share buttons

Make your content shareable. You have worked hard to put up the article, so do not hesitate to put up social share buttons on your blog. Ask your readers to share or like you on Facebook if they liked the article. The more external websites linking to your article, the more your website ranks high on Google and other Search engines.

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