Boost Conversions on Your Landing Page

Boost Conversions on Your Landing Page

Every business wants to drive traffic to their website, increase leads and conversions in order to achieve success. But, your content marketing, PPC and social media efforts to drive traffic to your website is only half the battle. You need a website which is designed with a landing page that is clutter-free and in shipshape.

website designing services in DelhiBy designing a website which is both effective and persuasive, not only unveils your products and services in a presentable fashion but also works wonders for your business.

As a business, you need high converting websites which draw in additional visitors and ultimately lead to potential profit. Your website design should seize leads and encourage them to take action.

Every detail on your website should serve a purpose and not act as filler. From colours to fonts to size to call-to-action button to content etc. should all have a purpose behind it. Try it and test it till you get the desired results.

The fact of the matter is getting it right the first time is a challenge. It takes time; you need to launch, test, optimise and only then can you improve the conversion rate.

To surmount such hindrances, here is a list to assist you in optimising your landing page for enhanced conversions:

  1. Attention grabbing headlines and sub-headlines – With a few seconds on your hand to grab the visitor’s attention, it’s imperative to have a headline which is bold, attractive, straightforward and simple. The headline should give the visitor an overview of the offers and why they should crawl through the other pages. This is your unparalleled shot at persuading the user to stick around.
  1. Crafting compelling content – What you offer on the outset is what determines if the visitor is willing to deep dive into the remaining pages. For increased conversions, you need to have a clear flow of information which is convincing, genuine and to the point.

Along with content, using images is a great way to retain visitors. Images stir the necessary emotions within the person which lead them to make an action. The images and content not only need to be in sync with each other but in sync throughout the website as well.

Quick tip: Even if your page is pretty, the content needs to be convincing in order to get a conversion. Use good content paired with the right image for flourishing conversions.

  1. Visually engaging design – In order to attract conversions, the landing page needs to look great. In this day and age, a sloppy landing page will not cut it and will also weaken trust. It’s best to avoid readily available templates. You need to stand out and be different. Investing in good design is a great idea! Adding a video or two along with images and content will increase visitor engagement.
  1. Call to action – A compelling CTA (call to action) beckons attention as well as stimulates the visitor to complete the action, be it calling, filling a form or purchasing. The CTA needs to be highly effective – it needs to have the right colour which makes it stand out from the background, the size should be appropriate – not too small or too big and should have the right message which emphasises the importance of the button.
  1. Highlight the value proposition – As a customer, they should know the unique features that your company offers. It should be something exceptional that they get by choosing your service. You can also create offers which will induce a sense of urgency within the visitor which makes them take action.
  1. Loading time – Your landing page can be crafted with precision and containing the right content and images but it all will not matter if the loading time is too much. It’s just mandatory for your page to load within a fraction of a second.

Quick tip: The speed at which your page loads can be a deal breaker, ensure it loads in a few seconds else bid adieu to the visitor.

  1. Gain credibility – When it comes to online buying, people often exercise extreme caution. It’s imperative that you build trust with the people who visit your website. People who visit you through PPCs are visiting for the first time and hence, you need to make sure that the first impression is nailed. Relevant statistics and testimonials can do the trick.

Final Thoughts

A business will always benefit from a landing page with high conversions. High conversions = more customers = more potential profit. Warm up your visitors with the landing page and capture them mentally and emotionally. Your landing page should be a canvas of your story, let it speak for itself.

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