The 7 most essential elements every small business website should have

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The 7 most essential elements every small business website should have

Building a website for your business is the first and foremost thing you do when you are starting out and promote your business. However, there are a few essential elements you need to absolutely consider in your website design to build your brand image, trust with clients thereby driving sales. Communicating with your readers is more important than web design! Web design is no doubt very important but the truth is that web design isn’t the thing which runs the business. Here is a checklist of all the important things that should exist on your Professional website.

web development companies in DelhiA clear description:

If your reader has to investigate on your website to figure out what you do, then your home page is all wrong. Clearly mention your business name, the products and services you offer right on your home page. A simple description usually encourages the visitor to stay longer on your home page and browse through.

A simple and sensible domain name:

Your domain name is your brand. Your domain name increases the chance of your SEO visibility; therefore it’s highly important that the name should contain your company name, or your business. The domain name should be easy to remember and should not have complex spellings for the user to type into browser or email. It is also suggested to avoid dashes in the domain name, as it lowers your SEO ranks. Also, do not include numbers as it will confuse users.

An Opt-in Offer:

A lot of businesses forget that website is their biggest marketing tool. Do not neglect that aspect of your website. Make your website your storefront. If you can’t attract your visitors on the first visit, it is likely that they browse away and forget your website in the flood of other websites that offer similar services. To avoid this, offer your new visitors something of value in exchange or a free product that you create for them! People nowadays are wary of handing over their email address to unknown websites. By offering something cool in return, they might want to subscribe. With your weekly newspapers or other interesting news and updates, they might even buy your product/service.

About us page:

People want to know what value you offer to them by getting into business with you. It is extremely true in the cases of B2B Service providing companies. They want to know why you are in business, whether you are the right fit to start business with? What is your Vision? What do you want to accomplish in industry? Whether you will be able to solve their problem? About us page is your sales pitch to tell your potential clients your story and impact them to make a deal with you. Hence, it’s a key priority while designing your website to build a crisp and clear ‘About us’ Section which impresses the visitor to get in touch with you.


I cannot emphasize enough on how very very VERY important a blog is to your business website. When done right, your blog works as a salesperson for your business. The best thing about blogs is you can reuse your blog posts to offer value to new readers. Each blog post should address one specific issue relevant to your industry and provide a solution to it. Don’t make your blog too vague or complex, instead make it easy to read and share interesting content in simple words. It would be helpful to make a content calendar for your blogging ideas and schedule them. You can also check out our Easy Blogging tips for beginners to kick start your blog

Call to action buttons:

Be it your blog post, or your landing page, Putting the right call to action (CTA) button increases the conversions by 30%. Give the users what they came looking for. Be it to subscribe to your newsletter or sharing the post on social media or something more direct as taking a free trial, make sure the call to action button directs the user to do exactly what you want them to. Know how CTA buttons boost your website in this article

Contact us page

Lastly, the most important thing is to let users know how they can get in touch with you. They don’t have the patience to click through every page to get to your contact details; it is highly suggested to put your ‘contact us’ link right on your homepage. You wouldn’t want to lose a customer to a competitor just because you made it difficult for them to get in touch with you. Include different ways to contact you including a standard form, email address, phone number, social media profiles and the physical location of your company on google maps. The point is to make it very easy for users to communicate with you on their terms

Once you check off everything that is there on this list, your website is business ready. Want to know more? Talk to our experts on website design and get the best quote for a professional looking website for your company.

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