Do I need an app for my restaurant?

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Do I need an app for my restaurant?

Many restaurant owners offer face this dilemma, should I invest in making an app for my business, would app be of any use to me? Well, it is okay for you to weigh your options out, the experts at Viratel say that having an app for your restaurant improves the chances of your survival in this cut-throat competition and boosts your sales too.

App Store OptimizationAre you wondering if you need to create an app for your restaurant? I’ll give you a short answer – YES! The reason is simple, if you want to stay ahead of the fierce competition of the market, you need to build an effective mobile strategy and make your brand connect and engage with guests in a more personal way, this is where your app can help you. Still need convincing? Read on to find out how a mobile app can benefit your restaurant.

Your App increases your brand’s visibility

Okay, this line has been said many times that it has become a cliché in mobile marketing world. Why? Imagine, if you are on road, or on your desk, chances are that your head is buried in your smart phone. That is where your target market is too. When they check their mobile phones, their mind subconsciously records text and images, including app icons. Brands that maintain mobile presence are also able to maintain a consistent presence in their customer’s lives. A client who is exposed to your brand for about 20 times a day has more chances to buy your products or services at a point of purchase compared to the one who hasn’t. Enough said, Jo dikhta hai, wahi bikta hai.

Can be personalized to gain customer loyalty

With all the brand noise on social media, offer something refreshing to your customer; Add a genuine and personal touch to your target customer with an efficient loyalty program integrated with your restaurant’s mobile app. Based on their past purchases, send customized push notifications to remind them that there’s always something new in store especially for them. If you are not doing so, it’s highly likely that your competitor is already luring them with their everyday specials!

Engage more customers

In addition to providing your delicious menu and other information, your app can have various features like a nearest store locator, online ordering, book a table, refer and earn options, sharing feedback etc. so that your customers are engaged with your app. If you want to add interesting twists, there could be interesting facts, small games, or puzzles to keep your guest entertained and indulged with your app – don’t underestimate the power of food combined with fun! The user will remember the fun after even long after the food is digested.

Location based Notifications:

Imagine, after a Sunday shopping spree, you are wandering through streets, not sure where to eat lunch and a tiny notification pops up and says that there’s a 30% off on burgers in the nearest restaurant, Now, how cool is that! Won’t you give it a try?

You can integrate such location based push notifications to people in your restaurant’s physical proximity to lure them into your restaurant during meal time. Also, based on your patron’s GPS location you can send out relevant deal information if you’ve got more than one location.

Increased Sales

Finally! All this effort and for what? We are coming to that, most people check out the reviews, ratings, menu online before deciding to dine in. With your app, they have access to your opening hours, daily specials and enticing photographs of your menu items. 35% of people who look at the menu like to order on their smartphone or tablet, and 40% prefer a mobile payment over other options, especially for quick service restaurants. Having an app and being on social media contribute to an increase in sales. Moreover, you can earn a higher ROI on daily deals and special offers with push notifications than traditional marketing methods.

If this seems crazy, 1/3rd of restaurants that have an app today didn’t have one an year ago. If fear and apathy are the reasons that are still holding you back to make an app, ask yourself what good is afraid and apathy ever done to your business and pick that phone of yours to call us for a quote now!

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