5 Brilliant Facebook Advertisement Tips That Always Work

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5 Brilliant Facebook Advertisement Tips That Always Work

When used properly, Facebook ads are one of the most powerful tools to get you the results you care about. However, they can be challenging and often require patience to figure out. What follows is an in-depth explanation of best practices and common points of confusion. With this information, you’ll be well-equipped to set up successful conversion optimization campaigns.

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Most Facebook advertising hacks never get old. You learn them once and keep applying the same best practices across all your Facebook ad campaigns. Start with these 7 key evergreen tactics.

  1. Know your customers: Surely, you’ve seen scores of ads in your Facebook newsfeed and I’m sure you haven’t even given a second glance to most of those ads while clicking only a few.
    Guess what was wrong with those ads that were futile in catching your attention? The ads weren’t necessarily bad; they were simply not reaching the right audience. If you have problems in identifying them, you might want to take the help of a Facebook Marketing Agency. When it comes to Facebook advertising, it is vital to know your clientele well enough to create a highly targeted Facebook ad audience. You must have a good audience match for people to engage with your campaign. For example, if you promoted “all you can eat menu” to people on a diet, your campaign ROI wouldn’t be as high.
  2. A strong offer works always: Your Facebook ad should always include two messages: a call to action and a good reason for taking that action. People don’t like being sold, but they love to buy stuff. So you have to make them feel that buying whatever you’re selling is their idea, not yours. That’s the basic concept I want you to understand. What many Facebook ads are missing is a unique value proposition – a clear one-liner that explains how your product or service will benefit the viewer. Think outside the box and go beyond the typical “free shipping on orders over Rs. 500” kind of offers. Information marketing businesses know this (at least the good ones.) They never sell you something. Instead, they offer free trials or give away information and create systems to build trust and entice you to buy the product without even doing any direct selling.
  3. Use original designs: As a Facebook user, you might see tens if not hundreds of images in your newsfeed every day. If your Facebook ads look like all other pictures in their newsfeed, you’ll get a lot less attention. To make your ads stand out from the crowd, design original ads instead of using stock images. In fact, make your ads boldly stand out so people can’t help but notice. One of the stress-free options is to choose bright colors in the creatives. Alternatively, you could also take a creative plunge and craft minimalist ads with a white background – a Facebook advertising hack I’ve seen working many times. What you need is something that looks high quality and catches attention — a design you could easily create by using online tools, you don’t even need to be a Photoshop expert for that!
  4. Be creative and new: Don’t publish the same ads over and over to get more people to act on them. To catch more target audience members, you need to create different ad creatives. Even if that colorful ad design has created sensations, over a period of time, your target audience develops ad fatigue. To fight that, here’s what to do:
    • Change at least some of your ad creatives every two weeks. Add new designs to existing ad campaigns while putting low-performing variations to a pause.
    • Create ads in different colors with and without in-image text. Expand your ad images to create more diversity.
    • Set up a Facebook ad rotation schedule by creating two to three ad sets, each with different creatives. Do not change any other elements such as the target audience.
  5. Track your campaign results: All the successful Facebook campaigns I’ve seen have a mutual success factor: They are all intensive on highly specific goals. And that is not just limited to ad impressions, reach, or website traffic. Well, what are those meaningful results you can ask me? That depends on your goals, I would say. For example, if the goal of your ad is to generate sales, look at sales numbers. If the ad is to bring traffic to your blog, look at the blog’s traffic such as average time on page, number of return visitors, newsletter subscribers, purchase, and more.

Lastly, keep working on those metrics to optimize your campaigns and results, for more ideas on how to increase your company’s online reach read this article

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