Top 4 Reasons Your Brand Should Invest in Adwords

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Top 4 Reasons Your Brand Should Invest in Adwords

If used properly, Google Adwords can do wonders for your company in a short period of time. The digital marketing world has undergone dramatic changes in the recent years and Google AdWords has been one of the platforms driving this change. It’s one of the most successful approaches of paid online advertising. This is the reason Adwords is used by thousands of small, medium and large organizations.

The common goal of all of these organizations is one; to tap into the huge number of potential searches that happen online for products, services, and information. Google Adwords can be instrumental in turning those searches towards your website when used in the right way. If you Google AdWords is not in your current digital marketing strategy or you are not using it to its full potential, you should seriously reconsider your approach. Here are the key reasons you should use Google AdWords.

Adwords campaigns are measurable and flexible: 

Like any other online marketing campaign, Adwords is measurable but the ease of tracking the goals and measuring the success makes it an efficient tool to digital marketing. The customizable options in Adwords make it all the more flexible. To suit your needs Adwords can be used to

  • Specific keywords: Adwords gives you an opportunity to target specific keywords like “Car wash service in Delhi” rather than generic phrases like “car wash services” or “Delhi”
  • Ad extensions – You can leverage the ability to present product images, contact information, or links to your site with the help of the extensions
  • Narrowed audience – You can categorize and target your audience based on their location, the timing of browsing, their language, and the browser or device they’re using.
  • Access to other Google sites – Gmail, YouTube and lots of other of partner sites of Google are at your dispense.
  • Leverage the network – This helps your business to establish brand awareness.

Adwords is an excellent lead generation tool:

With Adwords, you can use Google Analytics to be the best tool for lead generation. If your campaigns are properly set, they have the potential to refer extremely targeted leads to your E-commerce website, or blogs. As Google AdWords enables to focus on people who are searching for what you have to offer, there is a higher conversion rate. The search terms could be your businesses products or services. Therefore, you can recurrently hone your search phrases to ensure only those who are looking to purchase your products/services are directed to your websites through the ads.

Higher ROI:

Adwords have the unique advantage that you pay for clicks, that means you can keep a track and realize where your budget is going. Once your Google AdWords campaigns are optimized, you can expect to get a high return on investment compared to other marketing strategies. To get a stronger idea of what will generate the best results for you, continuous testing and tracking your campaigns is needed. Google AdWords is perfect to do so as it’s transparent and the information you need is readily available. Recognize the areas of your campaign that give a good return on investment, and try focusing your efforts and budget on these areas. If you find a campaign or part of a campaign are waste of money as in the value is low, discard them. You can utilize the money you’d save on running campaigns you tested to be successful or expect to be successful in the future.

Competitive Advantage over other brands:

Brands which run adwords have higher reach and visibility than compared to businesses which don’t. AdWords are quick in terms of gaining results, when compared to SEO which in turn gains you a major advantage over your competitors. Since you’re already appearing in the SERP, your website will have more clicks from search engine results than all the other competitors out there in your industry.

Let’s say some of your competitors are also running AdWords? What then? Well, according to studies, 80% of SERP now contains AdWords placements strategically. Additionally, these ad are placed to cover as much as 85% of the space above the fold on the results page. This shows that AdWords are being used by more and more advertisers. Hence, the only way to match up to them is to join them and beat them.

What are your thoughts? We’re all ears to know your opinion!

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