10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Blog

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10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Blog

Needless to say, blogs form an essential part of your website for marketing and attracting more traffic. Blogging for business has become a key element in marketing strategy. Whenever a user searches for key phrases related to your business on the search engine, chances are that they land upon a blog or an article of either yours or a competitors. So, if you aren’t already blogging, it’s time you started. Here are 10 reasons to tell what a blog does for a company.

  1. Blogs Boost SEO: All major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing give high importance to fresh and engaging content. Search Engine Optimization helps you to reach people who are searching for services/products related to your business. Your blogs pave way for that by offering new content with all those keywords, Search engines are indexing for.
  2. Build trust with your customers through your blog: Blogs give you a direct opportunity to interact and speak to your target audience. You can encourage your readers by asking though invoking questions in your blog, by welcoming queries and feedback. Make a habit of always responding to your readers’ queries to create a connection with them and build trust for your brand.
  3. Blogs help you become a leader of your industry: By expressing your valuable and insightful opinions, you can brand yourself as an industry leader no matter however small or big your business is. Writing articles and participating in discussions related to your industry news makes you visible to people who follow your industry.
  4. Blogs create opportunities to share: Every time you write a blog about something relevant, you are creating an opening for your readers to share your articles with like-minded people. They might link to your blog post, tweet about it, or send the article over email to others, they’re promoting your content for free and also, this sharing further confirms you as a reliable business.
  5. Businesses who have blogs acquire new customers at a higher rate: Companies which blog regularly generate more customers than companies without blogs do. The reason is quite simple; your blogs are the marketing tools that tell people about you.
  6. Blogging can turn your website into a destination: The key to do so is to make your content as interesting as possible. Research and experiment to understand what your potential customers would enjoy reading. Make it a fun experience for them. Over a period of time, these readers will keep coming back to your website for more content and eventually making your reach higher on the internet.
  7. Blogs can show and tell what are your products and services: Blogs are the best way to showcase the benefits, and USPs of your products, through your articles you can let your customer know why they should be investing their time and money in your products and services. Trust factor plays a big role in a buying decision; here you can nail it by pictures and videos in your blog showing how your products/services can change a customer’s life.
  8. Blogs portray Brand story: Your company has some core values and beliefs. Your company has a journey through ups and downs to serve people with the best products/services. Your employee culture could be amazing. How would you tell this story to your customer? This Epic story telling can be done through your blog. Audience connects on a personal level to brands which speak candidly about their stories.
  9. Blogs support Social media activities: The blogs you write could provide further material for your social media marketing campaigns. A blog that is posted on your website can be publicized on the social media pages of your business to let more people know about you. Several huge players instill blogs into their social media content strategy.
  10. Blogs can be reused in different ways:A blog post has a validity of over 2 years. Gist of the article can be used as a base of email marketing; blog posts can be compiled to make resources to attract new sign-ups etc.

Apart from all the good reasons listed above blog posts bring credibility and higher SEO ranks increasing inbound leads for you. Do you agree with these reasons, have you benefitted from your blog? Let me know so in comments! – seo services in gurgaon

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  1. Omen November 28, 2017 at 4:17 pm - Reply

    A business blog is a place where you can tell your users about the new update. You can inform your customers about the new update about your product or service. People will love to learn more about your company by reading your blog. It is the platform where you connect with your buyers and ask them the query to improve your services. Allow users to post a comment so you will get valuable feedback from them.

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