10 Proven Ways to Get Top Google Rank for Your Business

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10 Proven Ways to Get Top Google Rank for Your Business

Did you know that 75% people click only on the top 5 results of an organic search? Over the years, several studies show that to receive clicks to your website, it is highly essential to rank better on Google. Are you facing troubles trying to get your website top on Google search? Do you not have the slightest idea of how to start optimizing your content? Do you have limited budget and resources and want to perform better? You have come to the right place. In this post, our SEO company Delhi suggest you few clever hacks to rank better on Search engines. If your business is an e-commerce stick to the end of the blog, we have bonus tips for you.

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  1. Write Long Content: 

Research found a direct correlation between the length of the content and higher rankings. Writing content that ranges from 1000-2000 words make you reach better ranks. Select the topics that are most relevant to your target audience and start writing blogs and articles on them.

2. XML site map: 

Google favors the websites that upload XML site maps. An XML site map is for Google to understand what is exactly on your website and where. Ask your developer to generate one or find tools online to create and upload an XML site map for your website.

3. Check if you have blocked Google to access your website: 

If you find that you are not receiving any search traffic from Google, you might want to check through your robots.txt file for somewhat like this:

User-agent: *

Disallow: /

These commands instruct the search engines avoid crawling or indexing your site. If you have this in your code, all other SEO hacks in the world can’t help your website until you remove this code.

4. Optimize for mobile devices:

I can’t emphasize enough on the responsiveness of the website. Chances are that your customers are checking your website on their mobiles. If your website isn’t mobile friendly, they’ll quickly move to another site, probably your competitor’s. To avoid this, design a mobile friendly website or a mobile only website for your business.

5. Speed of the website:

The time taken to load your website decides whether Google ranks your website better or not. Even 1 second delay in loading time can highly impact your website from ranking top. If you are using a wordpress website, use plugins to optimize the speed of your website.

6. Use descriptive URLs:

Make sure to name your URLs with descriptive keywords and they should be static, not a bunch of random letters or numbers (you’d find so in dynamic URLs).

7. Title tags still matter.

Confirm whether each page of your website has a exclusive and descriptive title tag to make users and the search engines understand what the page is all about. Consult your seo services Delhi about the HTML Improvements report in your Google Webmaster account to understand if there are any possible concerns with your site’s title tags.

8. List your Business on Google:

List your Physical Location as a Google Business. You can check in your Google My Business account to ensure your company name, address and phone number are listed correctly. You must also write a brief but explanatory description of your business, a link to your website and your hours of operation. Companies which are listed have higher chances to appear when a user searches for your products/services in that locality or based on that location.

9. Content Marketing helps:

Write blogs, share videos, infographics and useful content on your website as well as your social media pages. Be active on online Forums and Social Platforms to distribute your content whenever is relevant

10. Get reviews (especially for eCommerce)

Having your customers review your products will help greatly improve your rankings.

Reviews are a local pack ranking factor, and they also let your Google listing stand out from others. If you can entice and encourage your satisfied customers to write a Google review or rate you on Google as a thank you for their positive experience, it can give additional benefits than almost any other local SEO tactic.
So do you think these tactics are easy enough to start working on your SEO ranks? Tell us your experience. – seo services company in gurgaon

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  2. Real SEO Traffic November 29, 2017 at 7:17 am - Reply

    Long content could make for bad UX which is now a factor for good rankings. Also adding AMP to your website will help with your mobile rankings.

  3. Purple Cow Online December 13, 2017 at 10:24 pm - Reply

    Well I knew that 50% of all traffic goes to the first 4 organic listings – this is the first time I have seen that 75% goes to the first 5 positions – wow!

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  5. SEO Expert January 8, 2018 at 5:17 am - Reply

    This is nice article. I’d like to add a point that URLs shouldn’t be long. It should be short and easy to remember as it helps a lot in optimization.

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