How to use Social Media Marketing for B2B Companies

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How to use Social Media Marketing for B2B Companies

For some reason, using Social media for B2B is more difficult than for B2C companies. The reason could be that B2B marketers might not find an interesting angle to promote their services and the audience they cater to are versatile. Business-to-business social media marketing is not just a ground-breaking way to increase sales—it’s essential to your organization’s survival in the competitive B2B market. Conventionally, social media was perceived as a more appropriate channel for (B2C) marketing due to its casual nature. However, as furthermore businesses are launching their social presence, the difference in approaches for B2B and B2C marketers is weakening.

The focal advantage of using social media for both types of companies is to build relationships with existing and prospective customers.

Moreover, certain types of practices, like maintaining a social media content calendar for designing and scheduling your social media, are helpful in the case of both B2B and B2C marketers. Even today B2B organizations are still doubtful of the benefits that social media offers for their businesses. The reason for this skepticism is a seeming inability to quantity the efficacy of such marketing activities. B2C companies were the “early adopters” of social media marketing companies in India, hence get the best of it – this dichotomy seamlessly reveals the differences between B2B and B2C marketing.

79% of B2B marketers state that social media is effective in meeting their objectives, from building thought leadership to deepening customer relationships.

If you are into B2B marketing and wondering how to cater to your audience through Social media this might be of help for you.

Create an interesting angle:

A lot of B2B services are dull but your Social Media need not be. The self-perception of boring company becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Because you consider your field boring, you turn boring. You write boring. Your social media becomes boring. Therefore, Each B2B with an uninteresting product or service should develop an angle that is both clear and appealing to a broader audience. This will help you to create an initiative or idea that can gain traction on social media. The key is to reflect on the type of content that your audience will like, rather than speaking about yourself. Build social media around your audience, not your business. That way, even if you’re working in a “boring” industry, you can still publish share-worthy content on social media and continue to build your audience.

Feature a real person.

One of the chief inadequacies of many B2B marketing tactics, particularly in the manufacturing and consulting sectors, is the absence of a genuine human supporting their efforts. This shortcoming makes the B2B Company seem unreal and distant. It’s like interacting with a robot. To avoid this, every B2B needs to put in efforts to give a human voice to the brand on social media and content marketing. Here are a few tricks to achieve that:

  • Use first person voice in writing updates, articles, blogs etc.
  • Use a front person (could be a mascot) to tweet and post updates
  • Use real names in customer service.
  • Start engaging and outreaching the audience in the name of a real person.

Display your partner relationships:

Social media can strengthen partnerships or collaborations, emphasizing both the advantages of your partners, and the exciting opportunities for your clients through the partnership. However, you don’t need to be keenly involved in a project with partners to showcase your appreciation on social media. You can express support by sharing their Facebook posts, by retweeting or liking their posts on different social media channels, shouting out to their profiles, or sharing their published works on LinkedIn. Interacting with your partners on social media helps maintain your professional association in a non-invasive, consistent manner and by doing this, your customers and their customers can relate to the authentic touch of the brand.

Hire someone good.

B2Bs often face a lot of challenges in social media, because they fail to hire the right person/agency to strategize and manage their social media efforts. So, if you are looking to hire a Social Media Agency, make sure they understand your goals correctly. Here are a few negative aspects to avoid:

  1. Hiring someone who has significant experience in your niche, not someone who is an expert at social media – However familiar they are in the industry, if they aren’t good at Social media marketing, your efforts won’t be fruitful.
  2. Engaging social channels with the goal to find leads first, rather than to create brand awareness – Leads don’t come first and foremost. Engagement and brand trust come first. Leads are a derivative of branding.

The gist to hiring the right person to handle B2B for social media:

Hire a social media expert. Find someone that has success in social media in a similar niche; not necessarily in your own niche.

Hire a social media consulting company or agency, not just a person. These companies can go a little beyond in helping you achieve your goals as they often have more resources at one place. For a consolidated price, they can assist you on a lot more levels like crafting social media graphics, writing content, etc.

In this way, even B2B companies can make the most of social media marketing company Delhi. What do you think? Share your thoughts on B2B marketing strategies that worked for you!

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