5 Things that You Need to Keep in Mind While Creating your LinkedIn Profile

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5 Things that You Need to Keep in Mind While Creating your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn has emerged as one of the most pivotal Social Networking Sites in helping shape one’s career and letting them discover suitable opportunities. Like any other Social Networking Site, LinkedIn too has millions of users, making it even more competitive for your profile to be noticed from among the oceans of other similar profiles. However, if you follow the given five steps as commands of the holy bible, you will be able to create a perfect LinkedIn profile, something which would not go unnoticed by the concerned recruiters!

  1. Have a Professional Profile Picture:

A lot of people make the mistake of opting for the wrong or incorrect profile photo, assuming that a picture does not play an important role in deciding the fate of their work-life. If you go for a casual profile picture, you would end up communicating the wrong message to the onlooker, appearing to be a person who might as well be careless and casual in the real, competitive corporate culture set-up as well.

  1. Get Yourself a LinkedIn Recommendation:

Gone are the days when you would need a letter of recommendation from your University or prior work place. You do not have to go through the hassle of the paper-work as you can simply ask your boss or your co-workers to recommend you on LinkedIn. This is highly beneficial when appearing for job interviews as you can show your reference letters without any postponement or delay.

  1. Endorse Yourself in the Right Way:

Many of us think that it is rocket science to know Excel and Power-Point and in case we do, then this should make on the top of our list of skills at LinkedIn. Sadly, now a lot of professionals are experts at Excel and Power-Point, thereby indicating that the skills which you choose to mention on LinkedIn have to be well-thought and better articulated, talents that are unique to you and help you maintain a distinct image as compared to others.

  1. Have a more Creative Headline:

By default, your updated work location becomes the headline at LinkedIn. However, not every recruiter might be interested in learning about your current work details through your headline. Instead, your headline should be different and compelling in nature, words which can catch and retain attention, making the recruiter amazed and impressed by looking at your profile.

  1. Always keep Your Profile Updated:

You might have recently jumped to a new job or are busy with the chaotic office life. Whatever be the reason, updating your LinkedIn profile would not take more than a matter of few minutes. Updating your profile will make it look better than the competition and help you grab an opportunity at the right time. If you fail to keep you profile updated, you might run the risk of missing out on a fabulous chance which would have come your way had your profile contained that one piece of information that you forgot to update!


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