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‘’What is new is Digital Marketing? Everything.’’- Sourav Jain

Rightly explained in the above quote is the phenomenon of Digital Marketing, a concept which has grown into a predominant factor for achieving recognition and expansion for any business, big or small. Digital marketing is not just any other area to be taken care off when expanding a business; it has emerged as a pillar of support, one of the core activities, without which no organization can dream of establishing itself as a brand name.

What is Digital Marketing all about?

Some of us mistake digital marketing to be any form of marketing related to the online world. However, Digital marketing is not just advertising and marketing policies implemented on the virtual platform. It goes beyond the online space in the form of display advertising and any field which is digital in nature. Thus, digital marketing is a collective term for any promotional and merchandising tactics and policies which are designed, created and executed on the digital sphere.

Why has it gained prominence in the recent times?

When the World Wide Web was invented in the late 1980s by Tim Berners-Lee, no one knew that following inventions such that of internet, smart phones and growth in technology would connect all corners of the world, creating a global village. Thus, physical market places got replaced or substituted by online stores, with every single piece of information about majority of the products and services easily being accessible to people through just one click. It is then that the economies realized the need and necessity of digital marketing, in order to communicate and interact with the audience which existed on the various digital platforms.

What all comes under digital marketing?

Today, digital marketing has globally impacted the manner in which companies utilize technology and creativity to reach out to online customers. Concepts such as search engine optimization, social media marketing, influencer marketing, website design, e-mail marketing and content management are some of the many chief important categories which come under the ambit of digital marketing.  For non-online platforms, digital marketing strategies are manifested through the use of SMS marketing, use of caller tunes and ring tunes to promote a product and display advertising.

Why to go for digital marketing?

Today’s century is all about internet, smart devices and high-speed connectivity. The art of writing letters has been replaced with e-mails, the urge of having a long distance friend is calmed down through video call options and the different time zones between people are travelled in minutes through messages on social media platforms. It is like a curse if an organization does not exist on any of the digital platforms, as people across the globe are now using internet and mobile phones to discover and learn about various new products.

Thus, Digital marketing is a paramount requisite if one wants to make people aware of their brand, engage with customers and wish to know their suggestions/queries / preferences. There is a whole new world which exists virtually, and digitally. Digital marketing is necessary today as it’s the channel of communication through which companies can convey and connect with people existing on the digital world.

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