About Us

Led by the team of experts, Viratel is a dynamic organizatabtion with an exciting growth strategy. We are a consultant, system Integrator, trainerand solution provider in the field of information technology, telecommunications, network performance & monitoring and enterprise & network security.

Viratel helps customers to optimize their investments by leveraging our industry-wide experience, deep technology expertise and comprehensive portfolio of products and services. Our experts work with you to design and implement efficient solutions, systems and services that will strengthen your business’ future successes. We provide range of innovative business solutions to analyze, measure, monitor and secure your networks.

We strive to offer quality solutions that help you meet the most diverse business needs and deliver results that are smart and responsive. We work with customers as partners and understand their business needs effectively. At Viratel, we follow proactive approach inline with the dynamic market scenarios.

We understand the network life cycle and help our customers design and implement a proactive, enterprise-wide strategy that aligns with their overall business objectives at every stage of the life cycle. We offer our clients a comprehensive portfolio of products through every stage of any transformation initiative. In today’s world, organizations face challenges to stay responsive to the volatile business environment. Emerging technologies, big data, virtualization, compliances, vulnerabilities, network security are driving organizations to rethink the way they do the business. It is important that your IT systems and infrastructure are aligned and geared up to meet your dynamic business needs.

At Viratel, we help you develop a long-term technology strategy while remaining flexible enough to take advantage of unforeseen technology developments.