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‘’What is new is Digital Marketing? Everything.’’- Sourav Jain Rightly explained in the above quote is the phenomenon of Digital Marketing, a concept which has grown into a predominant factor for achieving recognition and expansion for any business, big or small. Digital marketing is not just any other area to be taken care off when expanding [...]

Top 4 reasons why you need to go for a Digital Marketing Agency

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Digital Marketing is not an easy task. It requires daily work given the ever-changing nature of the online industry and has many different areas which need immediate attention. Whether its online reputation management or social media marketing, digital marketing is an umbrella term to include all this and many more functions that are connected with the [...]

The hidden treasures of SEO in Digital Marketing

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Search Engine Optimization is the support system for any form of digital marketing activity. If your company or website fails to show in the search of the target audience in the very first go, then all your efforts into building your business and its website shall go to a waste. Irrespective of how seamless navigation your [...]

5 Things that You Need to Keep in Mind While Creating your LinkedIn Profile

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LinkedIn has emerged as one of the most pivotal Social Networking Sites in helping shape one’s career and letting them discover suitable opportunities. Like any other Social Networking Site, LinkedIn too has millions of users, making it even more competitive for your profile to be noticed from among the oceans of other similar profiles. However, if [...]

Some On Page SEO Activites For Better Results

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SEO just stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is the place you build your pages and execute certain procedures to enable you to rank as high as conceivable on web index result pages (SERPs). The higher your pages can rank on Google/Bing/Yahoo/and so on comes about pages, the more activity your site is probably going to [...]

Link Building Strategies That Actually Work!

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Google announced that besides great content, link building is the most essential factors of SEO algorithm so, it’s clear that marketers and SEO experts should concentrate on link building techniques to ace the SEO game. Search engines crawl through the web for links that lead to pages and sites and calculates the popularity of the sites [...]

How to Integrate A/B Testing and Personalization to Tweak Results

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Personalization is a hot topic in ecommerce right now. Understanding the customers and customizing your services and offers based on their past searches and behavior increases converting the potential customers by 60%. Another hot topic that is prevailing in the branding industry is A/B testing. A/B testing also known as split testing is testing two different [...]

The Art of Storytelling in Content Marketing – 6 Tips How to Do So

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Who doesn’t like stories? As human beings, we all love listening to stories and we connect to them quickly. From our childhood to now, we thrive upon tales and lesson to learn. Since ancient times, storytelling is an art that has been tackled in lot of domains. A brand’s image can be attributed by the way [...]

7 Things to Consider Before and After the Launch of Your App

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Many brands have an app to develop on their to do list for next year. In the vast world of app design and development, one might be overwhelmed with the amount of information available and the suggestions that tell you what to consider when making an app and what not to overlook. While you concentrate on [...]

6 Internet Marketing Mistakes You Might Be Making

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Even companies which are doing phenomenally great sometimes suffer at online marketing. It is because Internet marketing seemingly easy is actually complex and varies regularly. However there is one aspect that is constant in online marketing is that every company needs to have a customized strategy. An effective online marketing strategy comprises of many parts. What [...]


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