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If you get through all layers of Viratel, you will be astonished to find that at our very heart we are content people. And we believe that writing and curating content is our strength. We have the single most successful and powerful weapon in our arsenal that is used by the marketing and sales team of any organization: CONTENT.

When we say we provide content marketing services, this is what we actually do – We research what is your company best at, the proficiency that defines you. Then we understand and identify your target audience to strategize the content that they need to know first and most about with the best of your stories. We put that together into a powerful content concoction which creates a oomph factor to attract the customers towards sales.

Content marketing works because it tells you client things that he wants to know and not what you want to share with him. That’s why content marketing is the way to go. It’s what actually works in the long run.

We offer content marketing services to Indian and Global companies fully customized for the various needs of a client. We specialize in content creation and distribution strategies. Our B2B content marketing services comprising expert content creators and marketers sets us apart from other content marketing companies. That is the reason enterprises and start-ups across the globe trust our services to articulate their products, services, and thought leadership into effective and engaging content, and help them reach the relevant target audience.





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