Content Writing

Article Content Writing

We are in an age of information where content lies at the heart of any business. Talk to any entrepreneur with realistic goals for his venture, and he will inevitably talk about the importance of good quality content for building a stable online presence. Be it in the form of website content or social media posts, content forms the much-needed dialogue between any online business and its clients.

Most often ‘content’ is used as an umbrella term for all written content that gets circulated online. Though this is partly true, content writing has many more facets than what first meets one’s eye. In this article, let us understand the different forms content writing can take.

Going by the general definition, content writers are just people responsible for generating, curating, and managing content online. In truth, content writers are much more than just that. Not only do content writers produce high quality content, but they also ensure that this content reaches the right audience and in turn generates leads for a business.

To be more precise, content writers are writers, reporters, SEO experts, entertainers, and salespeople all rolled into one role. This is why they are so vital to brand building.


Writing for the web is equal to painting a picture for your readers and sending out a complete message which they can fathom easily. Website content writing entails thorough knowledge of the brand or company, extensive research on the various segments, putting vast knowledge in a nutshell and making the message as succinct and clear as possible, besides providing a 2 way connect with the target audience.


To the point and written with a specific purpose in mind, SEO content writing is all about giving shape to a company’s digital image. Concise, and aimed at a explicit audience, SEO content writing has immense power to generate large amounts of online traffic, although this depends on how seamless and refined it is in terms of quality and quantity.


Knowing the audience and knowing the sole purpose of the article are two key aspects that help article writers write great content for the digital space. Having vague ideas, disconnected thoughts and not knowing the target audience result in ineffective articles, and thus do not generate the targeted audience either.


Blogs are the fastest and quickest ways of communicating to a certain audience. They are easy to draft as long as the writer knows the subject and the target audience. Carving out a niche online and being able to get consistent traffic over a period of time is the perfect way of describing a successful blog. Catchy titles, regular posts, and being up to date with what is trending on social media is what makes for the perfect blog writing recipe.


Consumers have this tendency to buy the products/services of the brand that offers something more than the usual. Here, the law of attraction works at its best, people will buy what attracts them the most. The best way of attracting an audience to buy a product/service, is by making people aware of all that is being offered, and more. Here, the advertisements come into picture; most alluring ad bags the best numbers in sales. Truth is, the rate of sales is directly proportional to the quality of promotion and publicity. Advertisements form the first impression of a brand into the minds of prospective customers.