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Critical process in today’s dynamic business environment

Data and transaction security is of paramount importance in this age of rapidly growing and expanding networks. The inherent challenges of the security issue have become a top priority in every company that makes use of information technology. The purpose of network security is essentially to prevent loss, through misuse of data. The Information Security space has changed a lot over the last decade. The average workplace is faced with an unprecedented degree of malicious threats. Across the cybersphere, crime runs rampant, with countless digital identities being stolen every day and company servers being breached left and right.

The need for enterprise security has become more apparent with each attack, and the eclectic range of businesses that fall into the clutches of criminals — from small businesses without rigorous security to virtual powerhouses demonstrates that in our world nobody is impervious to an attack.

There are a number of potential pitfalls that may arise if network security is not implemented properly. Some of these are:

  • Data Destruction
  • Data Manipulation
  • Breaches of confidentiality

It is only when a business is attacked that administrators realize first hand just how imperative the need for robust security is. Organizations must take a holistic approach to protecting their information across the enterprise in physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures by:

  • Understanding where sensitive data exists
  • Safeguarding sensitive data in both structured and unstructured formats
  • – Protecting non-production environments
  • Securing and continuously monitoring access to the data
  • Demonstrating compliance to pass audits

We at Viratel, helps enterprises and organizations to follow and adopt proactive approach for network security. We offer range of solutions that helps the organizations secure and monitor their networks. Please contact our experts for your security needs.



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