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Critical process in today’s dynamic business environment

In today’s rapid growing business environment, the service providers, R&D institutions, enterprise, e-commerce companies invest heavily in their IT, Telecom and Security infrastructure so as to address the technical and business challenges. Emerging technologies, big data, cloud, IOT along with the significant increasing in the subscribers and users drive originations to keep pace with this changing technological environment. For any network, the subscribers, data, applications and traffic is increasing day by day and its imperative for any institution to ensure that their networking infrastructure is fully capable to address these challenges. The biggest challenge for the organizations is to identify and select the efficient and optimal components, equipments for their network which not only suffice their existing requirements but should also be able to cater to the expected challenges in the near future.

In order to check and verify the new systems and components to be deployed in your network, it is must to do the pre-deployment testing of the new systems or components to be implemented in your network. Pre-deployment testing should be able to assess the critical parameters like traffic handling capacity, applications support, compatibility with the existing infrastructures etc.

We at Viratel, help you test and validate new devices and systems to be deployed. We use the state of the art test equipments to simulate the traffic and applications and perform the performance and functional testing on the devices. Our experts help you take the right decisions by providing you with the test reports and analysis.



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