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If you are a budding entrepreneur or even an existing player in the market, SEO is the need of the hour to help your business grow manifolds; this is because the whole world is going web, and therefore, online marketing is the most up-to-date form of marketing your products/services. Search engines can’t be fooled but our SEO specialists are so search engine smart that they know all the rules and guidelines and then work it their own way by doing effective optimization for the most searched keywords, thereby, giving you great results in a short time. SEO is no magic but if done smartly whereby following the guidelines strictly can really produce magical results. Let us do the magic for you by making you fetch top rankings in popular search engines Such as Google, Yahoo, Bing.

Search Engine Optimization Services:

Article Submission: 

Article Submission – The Need and the Trick to Be Quick!

Article submission is one of the most effective ways of generating business leads over the web through various search engines. Once you get your articles in the top rankings, it popularizes your website by routing customers to your website through back links of the articles. Article submission shows results in no time. We, with our team of SEO specialists, have a vast experience that is required for the promotion of your website and are fully equipped with the tools and the knowledge to do so. This will help in a rapid advertisement of your website through effective article submission which will help in boosting your business to heights. Article submission process if done correctly, logically and smartly, can attract huge traffic towards your website and help you attain online popularity pretty soon. It is an effective way to boost the number of visitors, popularize your website and gain public recognition. Article submission will take you website to the top ranks and will make it count in the most relevant searches.

Guest Posts:

Guest Posts - Let the Cyber Work for You at Viratel!

Guest posts are the posts that are made by the user on other websites in order to publicize himself and his work. Guest posts are new thing around the blog and have proved to be a useful strategy to promote brands and side by side promote client relationships. It has proved to be a quality SEO technique to get quality back links and promote online and offline content both. Guest posts are one of the safest and most used SEO techniques that are being used by SEO specialists nowadays. Guest posts are one of those tools that have been used by professionals and have proved to be very useful in SEO. Guest posts have high quality content that are written by casual or professional writers on blogging websites that are popular. The quality of these guest posts is very high as a professional blogger won’t let a mediocre article to be posted on his blog.

Content Writing:

Let Simple, Unique and Creative Content Do the Work for You!

We Do the Labor – You Reap the Benefits!

Content writing is one of the major things that drive a website towards its success. Any person, who visits any website, goes through the content in a single glance. The content should be written so as to attract the reader’s attention and should be so powerful so as to make him read the rest of the posts presented on the page. Irrespective of the type of writing, content quality is an important factor.

Link Building:

Link Building Services at Viratel – A Trust with Talent!

In this competitive world of internet, link building has played a very crucial role in taking a website to high rankings. The search engines really increase the ranking of the sites which have exceptional back links. If you want your website to feature in the top ranks on any popular search engine, you need to ensure that your website has excellent content and is linked properly to other websites that are popular enough to take your website to another level. Link building is an excellent technique that has been taken up by SEO specialists in order to increase the popularity of the websites and to increase the ranking on the search engines.

Press Release:

Press Release Submission – Make News to Be in News!We Are Happy to Help! Let Us Help You Be in the News!

Online press release submission is one of the most important things that an entrepreneur must-do whether he is a new player in the market or an existing one. Press releases give a push-up to the online marketing campaign for a budding business and are also of key importance for those who have already established a huge business a rapport in the online market. A press release is for sharing some news about your company that the world might be interested in knowing. Online press releases are a very good option if you are a new entrepreneur and are looking for generating awareness in the market. Press releases not only boost the ranks of your website, but they also create a name for you in the market and as well as help you to build your reputation.

Directory Submission:

Directory Submission – The Best Is Our Zest!

Directory submission is submitting the website’s link and headings of web pages on internet directories or web directories. A short description of the website with a lot of good and high quality keywords and headings are added so that good quality back links are generated. Quality submission of website links and titles are required to exceptional directories present on the internet. There are a number of options available which are free as well as paid. The quality of these directories depends on the number of listings that a directory has. The main objective of directory submission is to get high quality back links and to promote the website through it.

Penalty Recovery:

We always put the utmost emphasis on improving the user experience by providing top-class bundled services to support various and sundry business processes including,SEO, SMO, branding, corporate promotion, media publications, and many more. We thoroughly understand the importance of evolution of our well-connected business processes as our clientele is ever growing in number, and as more and more business propositions are making their way to finally reach us. Even the best of the SEO & SMO companies have queued up seeking our top-rated Google Penalty Recovery services as they fell short of ground against the two most popular changes in Google algorithms, better known as Google Panda and Google Penguin updates. Now, these leading brands in digital marketing came to us with a simple question if we can recover the websites from Google penalties, and if yes, then how?